Neil Peart

Its taken me a long time to gather my thought on Neil Peart. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s every guitar player wanted to play like Eddie Van Halen and every drummer wanted to play like Neil. We couldn’t !! They are both world-class musicians and all of us were just learning to play.
I thinks it’s the liner notes on Permanent Waves the band thanks Malibu Grand Prix. Which was an arcade that also had go-cart racing. My best friend worked there we hangout there all the time.So the day Rush played in Fresno, Ca we ditched school and hung out at MGP all day.Knowing in our heart of hearts that Neil,Alex and Geddy were going to show up. It didn’t happen !!
That night i saw Rush play for the first time and they were AMAZING !!
Years later i moved to Los Angeles to further my music career. I was fortunate enough to study with Fred Gruber for six years. (That an entirely different story) Fred taught everyone.Steve Smith (Journey) Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen) and of course Neil. I never met Neil in person. However one night Neil called Fred when i was taking my lesson.I got to speak with him briefly and told him about the Malibu Grand Prix story. In true Neil fashion he didn’t say anything,he just laughed.
R.I.P. Professor

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I saw Eddie Money and The Cars/Ric Ocasek in there prime. They were Amazing !!
Rockstars were bigger than life in the 70’s & 80’s
Eddie was cool as hell and it didn’t matter what kind of music you were into everybody loved The cars.
The Money Man’s second album (my favorite) titled Life For The Taking. That you did !!

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95.1 KVCM

This Tuesday November 27th Stone & Steel on 95.1 KVCM will be spinning some Burnin’ tunes on there Outlaws of Rock Show. For those of you in the Los Angeles area tune in between 4:00-6:00pm pacific standard time.

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I loved that song on Foreigner 4. Me and my friends use to play it on the juke box at Me-n-ed’s pizza. I remember thinking i hope one day my music will be on the juke box.
As of Friday September 1st my music is on every AMI juke box in the continental U.S. Alaska and Puerto Rico. I’d like to go back to that pizza joint next to my old high school and get a large mushroom and olive pizza and listen to……

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Time is moving so fast.I’d love to make a new record !! However that seems impossible right now.My Corvette got totaled a couple weeks ago. I’m just waiting to see what happens next.

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Pop Roxx Radio Interview

Tune in tonight Monday July 24th at 7:00pm Pacific time to hear James Rosh from Pop Roxx Radio interview Billy Keane. He will be talking about the upcoming record and taking your phone in questions.

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I sold my youth for $275.00
Over the last few days I sold all my CD’s back to a couple used record stores.I haven’t listened to a CD in at least 3 years. I listen to everything on Spotify.It’s the best ten bucks I spend a month.It was a weird feeling to let them go. The world has changed. Maybe I’m having a hard time changing with it.

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Time is flying !!  I can’t believe its already April. I’ve been to Vegas a few times to write with Mark. Also been writing a lot by myself. Hope to play all the songs for the producer in June. Then start recording in summer.Will see what happens…

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Rolling On

The NAMM show was a lot of fun.Saw a lot of old friends,made some new ones. I would love to buy a Gibson Hummingbird.
Going to Vegas to write songs with Mark tomorrow.
Nial has been really busy with “LIFE’ hope we can get back to writing songs soon.

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2016 felt like the infamous John Lennon quote.
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
I went to Vegas last week and wrote with Mark,thats always fun. In the new year Nial and I will continue to write.Along with a few more Vegas trips. Looking forward to recording a new record in 2017.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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