LA TIMES – Keane Defense for ‘Big Eyes’

Check this out! My latest interview with the LA Times!

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2 Responses to LA TIMES – Keane Defense for ‘Big Eyes’

  1. Linda says:

    Hey Billy…..
    Great article! I knew your Uncle Walter when I was a child. He used to sit on my living room floor and teach me to draw or just draw with me……he was awesome. I found this site from Susan Keane:

    I hope your family can ban together and give your uncle at least some of his good name back. I wrote a short essay out to a major paper….they passed on it, of course. I wanted to share my brief time with Walter. He was a very positive influence on me and just a really nice person always. With the rise of the new movie, it has become even more difficult to help Walter. The media can be very one-sided at times.

    Your site here is really cool looking…….I’ll check it all out for sure!
    All the very best wishes for a great 2015!
    Once again> great article!