Woke up on “Back To The Future Day” to the news that Cory Wells of Three Dog Night had died. They had a lot of GREAT songs.Never Been To Spain,One,Black And White, An Old Fashioned Love Song, The mega hit Joy To The World and my favorite Shambala.
So on a day that we thought would never come.If you were alive in the 80’s Prince’s 1999 was forever away October 21, 2015 didn’t exist!! So today i was feeling a little Melancholia.Thinking about how much time has gone by.I was missing my Mom and my Aunts & Uncles who have all passed on.I remembered playing the piano and singing Shambala as my Mom cooked dinner.She would sing the chorus with me from the kitchen  “How does your light shine in the halls of shambala tell me how does your light shine in the halls of shambala” So on a day that brought many emotions out of me.
Wash away my trouble, wash away my pain with the rain of shambala
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame with the rain of shambala  

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